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Through Jeff's leadership and mentorship I was able to expand my knowledge which I was able to use to positively impact the day to day operations of our clients in national award winning ways. Jeff is an individual that pays great attention to detail, and strives to develop his direct reports so they can grow professionally building the business they are leading. He is well respected and is a “go to” person for information and I believe was one of the key mentors that helped to develop me into the successful professional I am today.
Health & Fitness Industry Exec, Texas
Jeff Newkirk exemplifies a highly intelligent professional who is passionate about his work and committed to performing the best job possible. Having worked with Jeff Newkirk for the past eight years, I have seen this demonstrated every day as he approaches business planning, health & wellness center operations and various financial and analytical reports. It is a privilege to know and work with an individual who utilizes his high-level skills, takes initiative, has high integrity, works as a team player and possesses excellent organizational and communication skills. Our clients have had only praise for his work ethic and ability to exceed their expectations.
Healthcare Exec, North Carolina
I love Jeff's approach to seeing our business, our road ahead and how to use the metrics of my business to steer it. I can hear how he really relates to my pain and day to day needs as a business owner.
Tina Marie
Exec Coach, Texas
The REAR methodology seems almost too simple, but it helps to keep all the critical issues in proper focus. Jeff was able to communicate his approach so anyone can understand it.
In my 30 years of professional experience, I have found Jeff Newkirk to stand out as an exceptional worker and of the highest character.
Construction Management, Arizona
Jeff was an outstanding leader for myself and the rest of the team, he has been a very positive role model/mentor for me. Jeff's ability to create success in the overall operations while maintaining a high level of moral was extremely impressive. He was a great coach while teaching me about operational excellence and efficiency. It was a great honor working with Jeff and to continue to learn from him as a mentor.
Sports & Recreation Industry Exec, Illinois
I have found Jeff's principles and approach to business completely applicable to my practice. Jeff has a way of making tough decisions a little easier just by his communication style. I've had a successful practice for over 25 years, a continued challenge with the evolution of the health care industry. Following Jeff's recommendations has enabled me to continue delivering quality care to my patients, while maintaining a stable business model.
Gunnar, MBA, DC
Chiropractor, Indiana
"I would prefer to pay someone else to handle the financial operations of my business. Even so, I learned a long time ago that it is foolhardy to hand over your precious life's work to someone else if you don't really understand how your business makes money and the reality of the business' liquidity and debt obligations. Reading this book, and using Jeff Newkirk's REAR model, helped me to think about my business in that holistic way. I will never be an accountant but I will be able to figure out where to look to determine if my business is healthy and what steps I may need to take to enhance it's health."