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Episode #8-The Forensic Financialist Podcast with Jeff Newkirk Talking with Best Selling Author Mike Michalowicz

In this episode, Jeff talks business with Mike Michalowicz, best known for his works the Pumpkin Plan, Surge, Profit First, and Clockwork. Mike’s most recent work, Fix This Next is of particular interest since it addresses finding the most critical issues impacting your business. As Mike most impactfully puts it in his Fix This Next book, it is finding the vital need in your business that is so critical to long-term success.

Mike also emphasizes what entrepreneurs and business owners need to focus on coming out of COVID-19. Success is achievable and sustainable if we adhere to the formula. A key ingredient in that formula is passion. Mike inspires us with his storytelling and how everyone has passion and purpose, it’s just recognizing it.   

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