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Episode #13-The Forensic Financialist Podcast with Jeff Newkirk Talking with Best-selling Author and World Renown Business Coach and Consultant, Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark

Best-selling author and world renown business coach and consultant, Dorie Clark joins Jeff in a spirited discussion on business, as well as the ups and downs of building a career. The conversation gets real when Dorie and Jeff talk about the bumps in the road one can experience along the path to success. The discussion gets really spirited when they discuss getting bullied and shut out of opportunities that seem unfair.

It’s wonderful to have one of our thought leaders reach out to others to help them on their own career journey. Dorie Clark does just that. She is genuine and authentic, incredibly intelligent, compassionate, a strong leader, and one who wants to see us all experience success. What a treat to have Dorie on The Forensic Financialist!