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How to Create more Accountability in your Business

Accountability is the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.

Sometimes it’s easy not to take responsibility and experience the consequences of not achieving something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time in your business. 

Accountability is often learned at a young age, and others around us teach us the importance of facing the consequences of our actions in all types of scenarios. Accountability is the center of personal growth and something you want to instill in others around you, like your children and employees. If people didn’t have to answer for their actions, then no one would get work done, and your kids would do whatever they wanted whenever, without discipline. 

Regarding your business, it’s essential to be accountable and consistent while holding yourself and your employees to a higher standard. This is a fundamental component of maintaining an excellent standard of performance. Accountability is so important to me that I maintain it as a core value. It’s part of who I am and how I operate.

Though it might seem like a simple idea (being accountable) we know it’s not that easy! It takes a lot of effort and practice to maintain the standards you’re looking for and reach short and long-term business goals. 

There are ways to increase accountability within your circle and empower you to get the results you seek. 

  1. Set an achievable goal  

The best way to achieve your goals in your business is by setting something that is attainable. To begin, you need to know that goal and those objectives. Once you have that goal and create a mindset to obtain it, share it with employees or others involved. With everyone having their mind set on the same goal, you can work together to accomplish this and stay accountable. I suggest using the SMART goals approach to goal setting: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound.

  1. Set deadlines and stick to them

Setting a deadline makes your goal or task time bound, and iis one of the best ways to stay accountable. Whether it’s a public deadline or personal, ensure it’s achievable within that time frame. Make sure everyone knows that you’re sticking to this deadliness, so they know you can execute and achieve a plan as you have said you would, setting an example. 

  1. Be consistent

Sometimes it’s challenging to be consistent when a lot is happening, especially when you’re running a business. Your schedule is hectic, and you probably have a heavy workload. But being consistent with daily routines and habits is what makes you accountable. By being consistent, others will notice, and you will get things done, bringing long-term success to your business. 

  1. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself after you’ve accomplished something is essential because you work hard and deserve it. Rewarding yourself is a great way to get things done, keep you motivated, and encourage you and your employees to continue moving forward. Rewarding is a great way to build a team and keep morale high. 

  1. Find an accountability partner 

Finding someone that can keep you accountable is a sure way to become more successful. When pursuing a goal, you have a greater chance of success when you share that goal with someone else to keep you accountable.  For me, I have my own trusted advisors who I check-in with and help me stay accountable.

How Coaching and consulting can help you with accountability

When a coach keeps you accountable, you will see yourself achieving goals and excelling in your small business. 

Holding people accountable for their commitments is how you can make your small business more successful. A coach will help you establish accountability and ultimately become a more successful business owner. 

Jeff Newkirk is dedicated to serving business owners, executives, and organizational leaders to achieve excellence.

  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Professional Growth and Development
  • Leadership Development
  • DISC Behavioral Assessments to improve communication and self-awareness.

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