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Government Assistance – CARES Act

Friends, these are troubling times. There is no way to sugar-coat what is occurring to our friends, families, local communities, country and global community. I don’t need to rehash anything you haven’t already heard or read in the news. The intent of this post is simply to provide some resources for immediate financial help and information. Whether you own a business or would like information on the government stimulus package and how it will impact you, below are a five links to websites that will provide you with some of that information.

Please remember that there are different components to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”). The links below will provide you with detail on the components, which include (1) Emergency EIDL Grants, (2) Small Business Loan Forgiveness (“PPP – Paycheck Protection Program”), and (3) Recovery Rebates for Individuals. For those looking to read the House bill in its entirety, click on the first link. It’s over 330 pages though.

1. Summary and Detail of the CARES Act from Congress.gov.


2. Quickbooks Summary of the Stimulus – business and personal:


 3. SBA website with applications for loans and grants:


 4. CARES Act summary from Investopedia – includes summary of individual and family benefits:


 5. CARES Act summary from the Tax Foundation – a nonprofit dedicated to tax policy research:


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