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Understandable Solutions was founded by Jeff Newkirk in 2019. After working in the corporate world for over 30 years, Jeff decided it was time to strike out and begin serving others on his terms. Why? The answer is very simple. Jeff saw an opportunity where he could assist many business owners and decision makers to help them achieve more than they ever expected. The key is “more than they ever expected.” It doesn’t matter what anyone else expects, but what the client expects. Therein lies the potential to achieve. 


Jeff brings over 30 years’ experience in financial management, strategic planning, business turnarounds and start-ups, and leadership development. He has spent several years in C-suite positions and has served in consulting capacities with other firms.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Valparaiso University, Jeff continued his education earning a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Iowa. Additionally, Jeff received his doctorate from the University of Northern Colorado. His doctoral research focused on developing a “success factor ratio” that represented an aggregate of multiple core management functions, including key metrics in financial performance, marketing ROI, resource utilization and operating systems.

Beyond Jeff’s wealth of education, his real strength and value to business leaders is his experience. He has served in multiple C-suite positions and has provided management consultation to hundreds of businesses. Furthermore, Jeff has developed new businesses and facilitated turnaround efforts. In addition to being bottom-line focused, Jeff’s has a passion for seeking ways to help others achieve their greatest potential.

It is Jeff’s contention that by serving others, leaders can develop and grow.  A strong proponent in servant leadership, Jeff’s strength lies in being a conduit for others as they discover and hone their personal potential and thus achieve ultimate success.  Personal growth occurs when leaders seek out wisdom and work collaboratively with others in order to create change when necessary and motivates meaningful and impactful decisions.  In Jeff’s many years of experience, he feels quite strongly that honest dialogue and core collaboration prove key to a successful enterprise.

Jeff is an advocate for helping others “learn to fish.” He will go above and beyond to help you exceed with your own goals and objectives.  Jeff’s organizational acuity, his steadfast nature and desire to help others make him a worthy partner on your team. He believes that there is no problem that can’t be addressed – it’s only the courage and the desire to do so!

"Serve Others. Seek Wisdom. Achieve Excellence."

What is Our Purpose?

Understandable Solutions is a management consulting firm dedicated to serving business owners, executives, and organizational leaders to achieve excellence. 

How will Understandable Solutions fulfill its Purpose?

Our Purpose will be achieved by following specific foundational beliefs that guide everything we do. Our foundational beliefs are outlined here…

Adopt an attitude of giving and serving others, and doing so with a grateful heart.

Never stop learning. We can only provide quality consultation when we continually seek out more information, better ways to do things, and challenge the status quo.

Be faithful. It’s important to have faith in a higher power. Having faith in something more than us is what keeps us grounded and focused.

Be true to your word. Never compromise doing the right thing, being honest and guided by a moral compass pointed in the right direction.

Always follow through on what was said or promised.

Maintain confidence, but with humility.

We exist on this planet in concert with billions of other people and species. It is our responsibility to provide compassion without negotiation.

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