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5 Ways To Boost Remote Work Efficiency

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed millions of employees to work from home. It’s now become the norm, and many businesses are still adjusting to the remote work life and learning what does and does not work. When you’re running your business remotely, there are some challenges we’ve never had to deal with. Connecting with customers and employees through the screen isn’t easy. However, making your business profitable through remote work CAN work. Without intentional efforts from workers and management, remote work—can leave staff feeling distracted, isolated, unmotivated, and stressed.

Here are 5 Ways To Boost Remote Work Efficiency. 

  1. Look for specific areas where you can do better. 

Every business can be better…all the time. Working from home changes the culture of thinking proactively, so you have to ask yourself some questions. “Do we have all the resources we need to get the job done”, “how can we improve our communication through a screen and using our phone”, “what limits employees and customers by working remotely and what can we do to address these issues?” Don’t let these issues continue without taking action. Address any concerns before they grow into roadblocks.

Significant areas of concern in remote workplaces and where employees get most frustrated are technology, an area where productivity is lost. For example, many employees say their aging equipment can hinder productivity due to breakdowns, slow downloads, and workarounds. Make sure you and your employees have the best equipment you can afford. This will help productivity and satisfaction with your team.

2. Communication is key. 

Communication is critical when working in any environment, but even more now when working remotely. You must practice as much transparency as you possibly can. If your employee doesn’t have all the information they need, they cannot reach their full potential. Managers must overcommunicate in order to move more productively. Managers must encourage their team and assure them that they can express their voice and ask questions if necessary. Ensure your employees feel comfortable asking questions and giving feedback to complete the work efficiently and effectively. 

You should also be clear with the goals and rewards they can gain from their performance. This helps build more morale which we know results in better performance. 

A weekly touch point is recommended just to remain in alignment. It is very easy to lose touch, and when that happens there is a greater potential for miscommunication. Employees can lose focus and missing priorities. Stay communicated. 

3. Use meeting time wisely. 

Sometimes it feels like you’re in meetings all day long when working remotely. But remember, the more time employees spend in these meetings, the less time they have to complete tasks. That’s why it’s crucial to use meeting time wisely.

Meeting time has increased significantly since the pandemic. But that actually is ineffective when trying to collaborate at our best. When making a one-on-one or group call, try making them micro meetings of 15 minutes for those less complex tasks. Short meetings dedicated to discussing one or two issues can maintain productivity and increase efficiency.

4. Promote a proper workspace environment. 

Remote workers should have a designated area of the home to work where they can concentrate and minimize distractions. Encourage employees to have a separate workspace so they can separate home and work life because sometimes they can combine into one, and work is no longer the number one priority. 

5. Set priorities and stick to them. 

Because demand for workers is competitive, it’s vital for leaders to step in and help prioritize. Things change quickly for reasons that may be out of people’s control. Daily checks and expectations are the priority, saving everyone from frustrations and guiding them in the right direction. You will see immediate results by creating a defined schedule and sticking to it. 

If you want more information to help your business grow remotely, contact Jeff Newkirk today at 281.475.6032 to see how he can help you achieve your goals as a business owner. 

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